Audio or video not both

Hi, I know there are other topics about this but I still cannot get it to work…

i have tried several different media players and I will get the audio to work, in things like VLC or the cow one…the video only works in windows media player to the ratdvd program.

i have installed the ac3filter and changed the settings in other posts…but no go…

XP, WM10, ratdvd…ac3filter

can anyone help me?

What DVD how was it recorded?

i am not sure…it was a dvd of a friends wedding. they said they used the default options in ratdvd when converting from dvd to rat…but that is all i know about the file

does anyone have any thoughts that are not covered in the forums?

the latest…if i choose prefer other decoder in ac3filter the video plays but no audio…if i choose use ac3filter the video and audio does not play…