Audio or video,but not both



This is driving me nuts. When I use Windows Media Player 10 (or similar players, like Zoom or Fusion) I get video but no audio

When I try Nero Showtime I get audio but no video. Tried installing a lot of codecs and filter, but it’s still a no-no.

Any ideas, cause I’m fresh out


Have got you tried the Moopeg player ? Tries it, gives it a chance …:wink:



Tried, same effect. Just tested some of my other AC3 (AVI) coded movies. They work well. I try coding another DVD movie to see if that makes a difference.



I only can to suppose a codec issue … How does your system renders the sound ? My issues were concerning to video (I didn’t got a perfect video playback and then I conclude that was a directshow media player issue, which I solved with Moopeg player). You must to check out your ac3 codec …



If you have no sound have you played with the RatDVD settings?
If you check Output Sound through SPDIF for Playback and your computer doeesnt support it you wont get any sound .



There is the same problem to me.
All Players wich were “compatible Players” on the Website from ratdvd don´t play audio. :a
When I used the VLC-Player there is sound but no video. :confused:
I also installed a lot of codecs but there is no change.
I think I must wait since there is a new player for ratdvd. :sad: