Audio or MP3 CD?



I finally got a CD player in my car so I’m burning all my (legally) downloaded music to CDs, but I’m wondering, which do you guys prefer; Audio CDs or MP3 CDs? Are there any particular advantages/disadvantages to either one? The thing I like about MP3 CDs is that I can see the song title (or at least the first word or two of it) and it can hold more. I’m guessing there’s no real difference though besides that.

  1. What matters when you listen to MP3s or Audio CDs is the way you have encoded the Mp3s. If you have encoded them yourself and used the LAME encoder and encoded as VBR, the Mp3s should sound just as good as the audio CD. The Mp3 cd will hold more songs than the audio CD for about the same listening quality.

  2. The Title and Artist information can also be seen for audio CDs, as longs as

  • You burn the CD Text when burning the audio CD (Your CD/DVD writer has to support this)
  • Your car audio player is capable of displayign CD text


I also just discovered that MP3 CDs are not gapless. I guess I’m going with regular Audio CDs for the majority of them then. :slight_smile:


When playing dj mixes, normal cd´s because of the “gapless” issue.

When playing regular albums, mp3 format.


the hardware decoders of the specific cd/dvd player matters too , in some the mp3 decoder is better quality then audiocd decoder and vice versa , a while back for testing,ive burned the same files (mp3s) to mp3 & audio cds , on my dvd player the audio cd sounded much more natural and fuller then the mp3’s (and i didnt apply any gain adjustment or normalize filters when i burned it)