Audio only CD-R vs. general CD-R's

What’s the difference? My home recorder requires the use of audio only CD-R’s.

When I make audio dupes from my PC/nero, do I have to also use audio only CD-R’s? are they more compatible?


The GEMA receives a fee for every “audio-only” disc. There no other difference.

Sounds like a ‘dirty little secret’ to me :wink: So ‘audio only’ CD-R’s are not more compatible in most peoples players?


Like “alexnoe” said, Audio-Only CD-R’s are for RECORDING in standalone recorders on hi-fi systems, etc., and are NOT more compatible with more readers than standard CD-Rs.

If you want to burn audio on a PC with a CD-RW drive, I’d highly recommend CD-R’s made by Taiyo Yuden (i.e. Fujifilm 24x/32x/40x/48x, That’s CD-R Taiyo Yuden, etc.). They have probably the highest levels of compatibility between drives out of all media. Second choice would either be Mitsubishi 16x Metal Azo (Verbatim), or Princo.


Except for DVD-players. Some old non-CDR enabled DVD-players will read Princos but no other discs.

But generally TY is a superb choice if you can find them in your area. Also note that if you don’t have a Plextor writer, the 24x+ Super Azo Verbatims are bad, only the 16x Metal Azo one is good.