Audio on dvd



hi just wondering if i could put audio on a dvd disc.problem is that i have a copy of album 1 and 2 of jeff waynes war of the worlds but its too long to fit on 1 audio cd.luv 2 be able to keep it all on 1 disc iif possible.any help please???


While it’s possible to author audio tracks to DVD (with blank video or just playing at the menu), it’s hardly worth the trouble, since you’d only be able to play it back in a DVD Video player, hardly the most convenient of devices for listening to music.

Short answer, no, but if it would fit on a 90 or 99 minute disc, you could buy some online and give it a shot, but that’s quite burner dependent, and I doubt it’s the best thing for Audio CD playback, as those tend to be pretty finnicky when you don’t follow standards.


if your cd player supports mp3 audio you could put all of them on one cd. depending on the length of the songs you can app. 150 mp3’s on one cd.