Audio not synched

OK, I am trying to get Family Guy, V3

I ripped the full DVD using RipIt4Me along with DVD Decrypter

Then I used FixVTS

I merged all the files using VOBMerge 2.5, and convert to Ipod format using 3GP_converter

Finally, I got it all to work (it was important to go to RipIt4Me with FixVTS)

But in the end, the sound is way off (more than 30 seconds, I think!)

I am not sure if it is something in DVD Decrypter or where the thing is getting messed up.

Any suggestions? Try it again? Or is there something fundamental I should be doing differently?

I think you are in the wrong forum ripit4me has their own forum also DVD decrypter is not this forum either. This is the DVDFab forum, sorry :eek: I am sure the ripit4me forum can help you out

Actually, I found the advice to use RipIt4Me on this forum.

Sorry about that.

Wasn’t trying to be rude just thought that maybe you would get better answers from their forum being that it is their product, anyway hope you get it figured out, but just pop in anytime for other questions and maybe the guys can help you

Sure sounds like you’re going around the long way. Why not download the 30 day trial of DVDFab Platinum and see if it won’t provide everything you need in one package.