Audio not playing when project exported in Adobe premiere 6

Hi Sir,

I have completed my project in Adobe premiere 6. Its about 45 mins long. I am having a problem with audio when I exported my movie (entire project) to avi(Uncompressed). I am not able to hear audio with media player. I burned it to VCD problem continued. But when I imported the avi, I am suprised to see audio. But it not playing with other medias. If I export few clips in timeline, sound is playing properly. My export Audio option is on. Pls help.

Maybe that AVI has AC3 (or something other type of compressed sound) audio and your PC (and its authoring applications) don’t understand it. Try opening it with VirtualDubMod and do Stream___Stream List. If it’s AC3, demux it and convert it to ‘MP2 for SVCD’ with BeSweet + BeSweet GUI. Then load that MP2 as 'audio input (I usually encode a movie into mpeg-1/2 with TMPGenc before authoring it).
Sorry, I never used Adobe Premiere… maybe you can manage to multiplex the sound to the movie, in some way…