Audio not matched after converting



Hey everyone I just have a feq q’s. I am converting .trp files to mpeg to burn for my own personal use and after I convert them my audio doesn’t match up with the face movements anymore. I use iskysoft video converter to convert them. Anyone know why this is? And also what is a good program that will do a good quality burn to a dvd disc? Is Blaze media pro a good one for that? and also if you want to suggest me do something different I am deffinately open to offers. Thanks a million


Have you tried Trp Converter ?
Free trial at :
As for burning maybe Nero…
You can also get a free trial…


that is the converting program I am using. It is the same thing I found found nuerous of these programs with different names and different skins but most of them are all exactly the same. As for Nero I will look into that one. Thank you