Audio normalization - I think - n00b

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Ok - so I have a mp3 collection, and some of the songs are louder or quieter than other since I screwed up when ripping them over the course of years. Some were even transferred off of cassette tape.

I think I need an audio normalizer program. I searched the forums and downloaded mp3trim.

My question is - how do I determine a baseline volume level I’m happy with in one of my mp3’s, and then how do I get the other 10,000 or so mp3’s I have to all play at the same level?

I don’t have some of the original cassettes or CD’s anymore, so some of the songs that need fixing can’t be fixed by re-ripping them. Others can.

Alternately, is there a program that will run a batch job and do the same?

Try this…It comes with a help tab/section…

[QUOTE=t0nee1;2311801]Try this…It comes with a help tab/section…[/QUOTE]
MP3Gain is truly a great app, and all changes it makes (does not re-encode) are reversible. It comes set at 89db, I use 92db, keep your eye on ‘clipping’ when you analyze. It can work on the whole 10,000 if you like (it will take a while) at once.