Audio (Music/Movies)

I just purchased some new computer speakers, and I get audio with my music but when I play movies there is no audio. I just installed a ATI tv wonder elite tv tuner/video processor. Is this the problem and how do you suggest that I fix it?

Thanks. :doh:

Does the tv tuner card play tv audio and video ok?

What program do you use for DVD playback?

Yes the tuner card is playing audio and video ok.
I am using the newest version of Windows Media Player to play dvds.

WMP is crap and no real dvd software player.

Use PowerDVD, VLC etc.

I have downloaded and installed PowerDVD but it will not open any way I try it.
Also strange is that when I open a movie w/ WMP it separates out all of the files instead of just playing the movie. ??

…because it’s no dvd player software.

Why do you think the PowerDVD doesn’t start up.

Meant WMP with my previous post, in case you were confused by it maybe.

Best would be to uninstall it, run some malware killer like Spybot and registry clean tools.
Then install and test again.

I never could get PowerDVD to work, but I did download BlazeDVD and I now have audio. Thanks for the input.

I’m also using BlazeDVD and I think it is very good, it supports all audio which in my books, is a good thing. Supports all output formats. The support is sitting on basic for me but the good thing is, it has live chat. It has an ok skin, nothing too gross to look at. Supports XP, 2000, 98 and ME. Also, the product isn’t too pricy which is another good thing.

PowerDVD has a bad habit to freeze all of a sudden. Even old hag WMPlayer seems to play files with more stability, though it sometimes really gets on my nerves with its numerous codec incompatibilities

The correct link address for BlazeDVD from my post is

I see VLC has already been mentioned. I’m happy with it.

Just a thought . . . did you adjust the volume on your Windows Media Player? It may be all the way down. It is a slider on a wedge shape field

I use the new version of BsPlayer and i think is the best video player and support all formats.

I use BlazeDVD i think it’s good I am happy with it

Latest VLC (0.9.4) is much more stable and is my preferred DVD / ISO player.