"Audio" (music) CDR maximum length - 80 minutes?

I am in search of an “audio” CDR that is 90 minutes.
Does this product exist? The longest I’ve been able to find is 80 minutes/700 MB.
I have a DJ mix CD project that I’m working on and the total length is 85 minutes.
Thanks for any input.

I don’t think such discs exist, but there is a workaround if you have a PC CD burner:

Burn two 80 (or 70) minutes discs in your standalone CD recorder, rip them on your PC and burn them on a 90mn “regular” CDR. :wink:

90 and 99 min CD-Rs do exist, but audio CDs tend to be the most finnicky format, you might have problems with them in standalone players.

Another possible solution is to find a Plextor 712/716/Premium and use whatever their technology was to make the disc burn everything slightly closer together, that could get you past the 80 minute mark.

Sure! :iagree: I think he knows that, from what I understand he’s looking for “audio” 90/99mn discs, I assumed it’s for recording in a standalone recorder that will only accept “audio” CDRs. :confused:

BTW I forgot to say that I doubt standalone CD recorders would be compatible with 90mn CDRS, not to mention 99mn ones. But I’m no expert in this area, I hate the whole proprietary technology of standalone recorders so I never used any. :frowning: - and I don’t like 90/99mn CDRs either, too unreliable.

Yeah, Plextor’s Gigarec (I think it’s the name) using 80mn CDRs is another possibility. I’ve heard it’s far more reliable than using 90mn CDRs.

Also with top-notch discs (MCC, TY) it’s maybe possible to overburn up to 85mn…? :confused: but I doubt it.

Incase of 90 minutes media I would recommend TDK 90 minutes media. I know there hard to get but there the only 90 minutes media that perform as good as others 80 minutes media and that have correct identification as 90 minutes on pc drives. Which means drives that can not overburn can burn these 90 minutes discs !!
So far these disc’s seem more reliable as gigarec !!
Downside is there hard to get and have there price. (DVD recordables are cheaper !)

As pointed out by Francksoy before, the original poster was referring to AUDIO CD-R which isn’t normal CD-R.

80 min AUDIO-CD-R is the “biggest” I’ve seen so far.
Higher than 80 min would create more trouble than anything else…

Interesting. Are these own TDK’s manufacturing?

(Hi Dakhaas, Hi Chef :slight_smile: )

Yep there made in luxembourg. (Shame is they didn’t produce a audio version because I think they have some potential.)
Also TDK has sold some of this media to Imation but I don’t know if it’s the same grade. Imation 90 minutes which will state made in luxembourg.

well, AUDIO CD-r IS a normal CD-R - it’s only more expensive as you pay a ‘copyright-fee’ (e.g. GEMA in germany). and, of course, to follow the red book, there won’t be a certified 90min. audio cd…

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Basically yes, but not quite: it also have some special coding to allows operation in standalone CDR recorders… :wink:

I thought so… :slight_smile:

El correcte. :wink:

If I’m right then Tascam and sony (and probally others) had some studio cd-recorders which burn on disc’s withouth the needed data.
Since TDK has the correct identification parameters I wonder if these devices could burn 90 minutes of audio on these disc’s.

Thanks for all the replies.
The main reason I’m looking for the 90 minute AUDIO CDRs is that I use my component/stand alone CD recorder to enter track marks.
I might try to get creative and edit the DJ mix down to 78 minutes if all else fails.
Use my Mac laptop burner if I can figure out a way to easily enter track marks.

If you have a recent Nero, maybe this is what you need…? You have access to it when burning an audio CD… :wink:

Probably Toast supports that editing too an your Mac. :wink:

A good player/recorder should also recognize and make use of INDEXES, in case you need to put more than 99 songs on a disc.