Audio missing

Hi! guys,

i would like to ask if anyone out there have a solution to my problem. my problem is i have converted an ac3.dvdrip.xvid-vf file to mpeg or vcd format using tmpgenc plus. after it is finished converting i played the converted file, the video is there but the audio si missing, can somebody help me with this problem…

hey sorry i cant help you with that, but there are plenty of others that can :wink:

but i noticed you also made the same thread in the newbie forum, but please just make 1 thread, instead of to.

i hope you get the answors you are loking for :wink:

tnx for your reply uruhara, im just new here thats why i had a mistake of placing two threads, dont worry it will never happen again…

dont worry all is forgiven :wink:

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TmpGenc has a problem with AC3 audio. When you ran the wizard you should have spotted that there was no audio stream loaded.

Trouble is I don’t use TmpGenc for this any more so I’m not sure what I used to do about. I think extracting/converting the audio from the avi file with BeSweet is the way to go.

Have a look at the guides in the Video Editing forum also

If I remember I’ll be back.

tnx for your advice TimC!

You can of course demux the audio to a separate stream with VirtualDubMod & then if you author to a DVD add that stream back in. Not too sure about VCD/SVCD though.

Here’s a link that might help for SVCD.

Personally I now use DVD2SVCD with the Cinema Craft Encoder but within the supplied software is a free encoder. Not used that but the rest of the pack is good. Don’t be confused by the title , it’ll do avi to VCD/SVCD/DVD as well as ripping DVDs. Google will find that easily for you.

It’s just occured t me , it will also use TmpGenc as the encoder.

you know why i ask about this problem? it is because im doing this project of putting multiple tv series that i have downloaded on the net in to one dvd, i have finished all the convertion and the authoring i also burned it, i have succesfully fit in 9 episodes in one dvd. the video is good but the only problem is that there was no audio.

maybe if the file that i use has a different extension not (ws.ac3.dvdrip.xvid-vf) it would have been a different result.

what do you think guys?

If I’m getting TV series from the net I generally avoid the AC3 ones. I take it that these are about 700mb each, the ones I get are about 350mb.