Audio Metadata Info modified on MP3

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I have some MP3s and I want to get rid of the additional info that has been injected into it … I am assuming a Metadata editor would get rid of this and also I want the Annoying Artwork associated with this to go-away … that pops up when playing in my “Windows Media Player”.

Q1: Can you suggest a “Freeware” Metadata Editor!?!?

Q2: How can I get rid of the annoying picture? Is all this conatined in the MP3 file or it has lodged itself on my laptop?

Q3: What is the BEST Freeware for “Converting MP3 to WMA”?
I use Windows Media Player for my conversions from Audio CD to MP3 and it seems to do a Great Job.



WHICH annoying picture?

Has your WMP loaded the appropriate album art?

Or is it one of WMP’s “visualizations”?

WMP will “fill in” some missing data in the music library displays
you can turn those displays off by clicking in the bar where track title, artist, release date, etc are displayed and checking or unchecking them.

generally speaking wmp displays the meta data and while things can be edited (accidentially or otherwise) within WMP this doesn’t change the metadata, only the displayed date in WMP.

As for a tag editor for editing your metadata:

It’s what I (and many others here) use. it is the best tag editor I’ve ever seen and it’s FREE! you can’t beat that combination…

For converting to and from different audio file types I’d suggest that
you download “Switch sound” file converter from NCH software.

This is a full featured trial version that drops back to a limited free version in 10-ish days, but so far I can’t find anything I want it to do that the free version doesn’t do.

And there are only a few “please buy me” messages tha pop up, one before the trial expires, one after the trial expires and another a few weeks later (“You’ve been using this a while you wanna buy it yet?”) And after that nothing…

it will not convert “protected” WMA’s


[QUOTE=AllanDeGroot;2241922]WHICH annoying picture?

As for a tag editor for editing your metadata:

For converting to and from different audio file types I’d suggest that
you download “Switch sound” file converter from NCH software.

… it will not convert “protected” WMA’s


Hi Allen,

[B]THANKS[/B] a Bunch dude! Really appreciate you taking the time and helping me out. :bow:

  1. That is the 1st I have heard of the TagScanner … I will download and install it.

I have a buddy pf mine who is a DJ so he makes a compilation and e-mail it to me … but the son of gun adds his own Signature Line to it and places his Ugly mug shot … that is the annoying picture I am talking about … WMP will not locate the right Album Art since a home-made job … I guess.

I am sure the Metadata changer can fix all of my problems.

  1. I had used NCH product before and they are the BEST if you want to pay. I did not realize they still offer trial version.

I wonder if anyone else will chime in and may be have some other recommendatuions!

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Sure, besides TagScanner there’s this,

Hi [B]t0nee1[/B],

Have you used both? If so, which one do you prefer?



Actually on thought you really need to look “inside” the file structure of the disc, because album art and whatnot is ALWAYS somewhere i there in the form of a .jpg file.

So if it’s mp3’s on a CD and you copy the disc as “data” (which it really is anyway) and look at the files simply delete anything that isn’t a /mp3 file and burn those files to a disc on your own
and his “art” (Ugly Mug) will be history…

the image is SFAIK not part of the “metadata”

I’ve previously used mp3tag but it did some flakey things and didn’t always
identify characteristics of the files correctly (misidentifying the bitrate of VBR files
I can understand, but doing the same thing to CBR files is unforgiveable)
allegedly that bug was fixed for V2.4, but that version won’t operate under
the Win2000 system I’m running on.


Hi Allen,

[B]Thanks[/B] for your explanation … cleared some other Qs for me.:bow: