Audio Mastering Engineer Needs help!

I am an audio engineer using a Mac, Protools, and Jam. I need to know which CD burner (external) has the lowest error rates on Toyia Uden (sorry for the spelling.) And please don’t kill me for the loudness wars. lol

Good question, but probably one of the Plextors Premium 2 cd burners using AMQR…

Thanks, Chef. I’ve heard the plextors are very good. Not many burners that aren’t combo dvd drives these days.

It depends on the used media too.

Verbatim or TY is a very good choice.

Yes, I’ve always used ty because their known to be low on errors. We’ve had a problem in our Studio A with a burner form lacie. (I don’t know which internal drive yet but I’m gonna take it apart and find out.) Do these drives error more with age? Do you know if I can put a plextor drive in a lacie enclosure?
Thanks for your help.

Yep, drives (lasers) “wear” out over time. You can clean them up, but they will not lasts forever.
As for the Lacie enclosure, should work. Even it’s usb1.1, it would let you burn Cd at 4x.