Audio lose on dvd

Hey guys, hoping someone has an answer for me. I used the search but couldn’t find a direct solution to my problem.

Goal: trying to copy my cam corder 4mm tapes onto dvd. I plug my cam corder in my tv dvd burner and play the tape.

Problem: dvd plays fine until I fastforward, rewind, or stop, then I lose all audio. If I skip to the next chapter the audio is fine. I am guessing it is a setting i’m over looking when I burn the dvd.

My equipment: panosonic cam corder, CyberHome DVDR (for tv), I/O DVD RW (in computer), Fujifim DVD-R disks, DVD Decrypter (software)

Procedure: play cam corder while tv DVDR is recording, finalize the DVD, use DVD Decrypter to read onto hard drive, use DVD Decrypter to write from hard drive location with ISO.

thanks for any help guys, trying to copy from a wedding and sending them to family members.

What settings are used for the audio (target)?

Not sure at the moment, I’ll check when I get home. Any suggestions on what the setting should be?


If it’s stereo, 48kHz and 16-bit, 224kbps.

I couldn’t find those settings in Decrypter. I’m using version, could you please tell me where I would find that information.

sorry…and thank you

You cannot find that in Decrypter. Use GSPot to find out.