Audio levels on a comlpiation DVD

Can someone please offer advice on levelling the audio on a compilation DVD?
I am using different chapters from different DVD’s and burning into a continuous play DVD using DVD SHRINK, but find that the audio levels are all over the place.

Where do you intend to use a music ‘DVD’ ?

Purely for personal use

I know that if you are burning a compilation CD in Nero, you can use the ‘Normalize all audio files’ facility, under the Audio CD tab.

I’ve never tried an audio DVD, dunno if it can be done (except for storage of mp3s etc)

I am refering to a DVD with video images, not just audio

Ah, sorry mate, not with you there then. You’ll probably have to wait until our American friend s wake up and log on :frowning:

thanx for trying to help

Yeesh. I don’t know of a program that will do this for you. MAYBE one of the big-ass mastering programs will, but I’m going to GUESS you’d need to demux, adjust, and remux. Ick!

now that sounds messy