Audio Lag

I encountered another issue. After downloading a movie from the web I played it in my vlc media player and the audio lagged really bad from the very beginning. I spent several hours trying to fix it myself and I couldn’t. I know it was suggested in this forum to try VirtualDub but I downloaded the software and couldn’t figure out how to use it. So I tried to fix the audio speed in vlc preferences by pushing the j or k keys and this didn’t work either. Lastly, I attempted to burn the movie to DVD in it’s current state hoping that it will repair itself. Needless to say, this didn’t work either. Any suggestions?

Please make this solution as simple as possible.

What was the source of the movie? Maybe a CDF member could download it and see if they can duplicate the audio problem.

Also, you have 30 minutes to [B]edit[/B] your post. You don’t need to create another one.

Here is the source file. Yeah, I know about the other thing I’m just always trying to do more then one thing when I’m online so I take shortcuts when I can. But I will be mindful of that.

It’s version 3. The link didn’t point to that particular video. I wanted to get this movie for my mom. I know there are other versions there but I want to try to solve this problem in case it occurs again and I don’t have several different options to choose from.