Audio jukeboxes help



I have yet to come across the “perfect” audio jukebox, at least for my setup. “My setup” includes about 20,000 WAV files and 18,000 mp3 files. The vast majority of the WAV files were transferred to my PC from cds with MusicMatch, a program which I mostly hate, but haven’t been able to find better.

MusicMatch - my major problem is not being able to load anywhere near all my files into the library without crashing or running at a snail’s pace. Other problems include their incredibly lousy support even after Yahoo bought them. I stopped using the program a while ago for transferring cds since it cannot tag multi-artist cds properly.

MediaMonkey - I really like this program but have run into problems scanning all my WAV files. It always seems to hang up while scanning on one of several files. The MM people say it has something to do with MMJB tagging but I’m still waiting for a solution. Meanwhile, it’s useless to me. I also see complaints in their forum section about properly tagging multi-artist albums - I’d say about 15% of my albums are multi-artist.

Given this, can anyone recommend a program that can load WAV files into the jukebox as well as having some of the bells and whistles that MM and MMJB have?

thx, jook


try j.river media center