Audio issues when converting for XBox 360

I’m converting from DVD to WMV using the DVDFab Platinum trial. Initially I had some success with DVD-WMV but I’ve been having issues with subtitles so I’ve been trying other options, and DVDFab seems like a great solution for these DVDs since it handles some of the more complex subtitles much better than DVD-WMV or ImTOO DVD Ripper Platinum.

I’ve had limited success with DVDFab while converting a variety of DVDs, they start out fine but after a few minutes the audio becomes choppy and then cuts out for long periods of time. My initial tests showed that the volume was a little low compared to my other conversion techniques so I did raise the volume to 200%, but I’ve since lowered it back to 100% and everything else is the stock XBox 360 profile.

Most of the DVDs are 2Ch AC3 Audio (Japanese) and I’m incorporating the English subtitle track, but I’ve also had issues with 5.1 AC3 Audio (which, as I understand it, only gets converted as two channel at this time) as well as 2 channel AC3 without a subtitle. From a video standpoint the files are great.

The audio has issues on all three of my PCs (all XP Pro with WMP 11) as well as the XBox. I’ve tired ripping the files on all three machines as well, all to the same effect.

On the plus side, DVDfab HD Decrypter is fantastic and a great asset. Not only can it read some DVDs with invalid filesystems (I had one that misnamed a VOB as an IFO file, DVD Decrypter choked on it but DVDfab’s Decryptor worked like a champ) but it’s been great for some episodic DVDs that failed to separate the episodes out as titles so I need to extract chapter subsets.

Anyone have any ideas about my audio issue?

I’ve managed to figure out a workaround, I think. If I rip the DVD to my hard drive first and then convert the decrypted files from a hard drive folder to a WMV file it seems to work much better. It’s an extra step, but it also allows me to better queue a slew of movies to convert overnight so it’s actually a decent way to work.