Audio intermediently goes out every x mins

When I rip my DVDs to iPod using DVDFab, my movies play fine and the audios are in sync. The problem is that after 5 or 10 mins of playing on my iPod, the audio just goes completely OUT (not out of sync or fast or slow, just OUT). So to remedy the situation, I rewind a little on my iPod and the audio returns. It’s very annoying and messes with the flow of the movie.

The cycle returns and repeats itself every x minutes. I converted using the standard default iPod settting. Anyone with a solution to this?

If you can rewind to the same spot and have the audio play correctly, the problem may be in the iPod. See if the files will play correctly on your PC.

I have other movies purchased through iTunes before and they played fine. Since my DVD converted ones have issues. If the iPod, then any suggestions on the solution?


fengtao and Ting are “adjusting some framework of DVD to Mobile engine” since there are som kind of fundamental error in it.

fengao’s time-estimate were “several weeks” a couple of weeks ago so it might be fixed soon…

You can read more about it in this thread:

Your link to the thread does not work. Can you resend?

what happend? ok, 2nd try: