Audio in pause?

is there any program that can burn audio into the pause space of a cd? mainly in the pause space of track 1,.

ps hello i’m new

Are you just trying to eliminate the Gap between songs ?

no, i know how to do that… i want to be able to burn audio to the gap between tracks… or before the first track, so you have to rewind to hear it… like on autechre - ep7 or 311 - transistor

Feurio is able to do it. I did it once. Can remember how though.

thanks! i’ll try that…

There are several options:
you can use a CUE sheet.
or more easily: use Feurio!

It’s very easy.
Make your compilation (project).
Open Track Editor.
Set the cursor in the desired position.
Press Action -> Set “special index 0” maker.

Check it with the Wave Player.

i tried feurio and it works perfectly… thanks for the help!