Audio in 1st dvd chapter only,picture perfect

I am fairly new to this , so bear with me.If I use dvddecryptor to decrypt files, the use dvd2one to create burnable files.
I then use Nero(latest version)and all seems well. I then play the dvd and it plays ok for the 1st chaper then the audio dissapears for the rest of the dvd but picture stays fine… Anybody help

Did you play the DVD after encoding with DVD2one on the PC? Was the problem there also?

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What Audio type did you select in DVD20ne ? …

If you selected DTS, it will only work on a Player equipped for DTS, could this be your problem ?

Thanx for the replys peeps, I managed to find out what I was doing wrong.
In Nero, If I put the processed files after DVD2ONE into the video folder of the DVD- VIDEO template , then this solved problem.