Audio hook up on 2500A

Well at long last i finally got a DVD writer !!! Been trying fo about 6 weeks to get one. First order got lost , took about 4 weels to sort it out with DABS before i got fed up and ordered else where. The the next order got screwed up with so called “secure servers” who took the info in and sat on it for a while and did’t process the order…Shiiish !!!

Anyway at last the eagle has landed ! The thing is in , installed as master on secondry IDE, microsoft drivers (could’t actually get the Nvidia drivers to install when i updated the Nforce drivers - dont know why ? ) but anyway the micro soft IDE drivers installed so i guess i should’t complain…XP see’s it o.k , tells me correctly what it is etc. One last thing however…the audio hookup.What is the preferred method ? Yes i could just hook it up but i may as well do it right the first time around. |SO to the guru’s , how do you like you audio hookup served ?



P.s …soon to follow frantic posts on my NEC is reading at 2x , write failure on ritek’s …why does it talk to me late at night …etc

These days it seems that the standard with audio hookup if you’re using Windows XP is to select the option to use digital audio, and not connect an audio cable to your optical drives. Indeed, unlike Windows 2000, Windows XP appears to select this option by default.

My expensive Dell Precision 650 (3500 pounds worth of dual Xeon workstation) came this way from the factory - neither the DVD-ROM nor the CD-RW (which I pulled to make way for the ND-2500A) had an audio cable fitted.


Whenever I’ve used Windows2000 it has always defaulted to streaming across the IDE bus (i.e. digital audio).

Haven’t bothered with 4pin analogue or 2 pin digital audio cables for years.

Sorry for the bump, but I’m having the same problems with my ND-2500A. I got everything working with the drive except the audio out. Anybody got a solution for this?

DMA enabled on all channels
Digital audio enabled
ECS 648FX-A mobo
CD-ROM audio out/in cable are attached