Audio HELP 5045

I can record videos onto the HDD no problem, but now trying to record from the TV and I can not get any sound.
It is set onto an AV channel and I ASSUME all my leads are in the correct place but still NO SOUND
Any ideas?


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You have to connect the jack-jack cable (you should have a short one brought with your TV card) from TV card’s audio out to sound card’s line in. That helped me.

BTW : Very wrong forum.

I do not have a card from my tv it is connected via scart and an aerial coexial line.


WHAT DO YOU mean wrong forum?

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sorry I am new so dont know the appropriiate place to post a message or place my scart lead or so it would appear.
I tryed the search thing but nothing specific on NO sound

the lite on is not PC connected - only onto a TV so I have no cards or anything

still no sound and in need of some expert help


LOu, check again the instructions that came with the recorder. I’m not sure if it was the 5005 or the 5045, but, one of them has an incorrect tv/recorder conection diagram. Better use the actual system and tv to where the cables go. Then press the “source” button for the correct input. If it still doesnt works then try conecting something else, like a cd player, and see if that one works. Oh, and one more thing, try this: MAYBE (because I havent tried it) if you have the RCA cable and the AV cables connected at the same time it will have some effect on the other input…it shouldnt happen, but…

L0u, if you have a cable box with RCA outputs connect them to the dvdrecorder’s rear inputs (select with source button) if you are not using a cable box and your TV has RCA output do as above.
If you have no cable box or the box as RF output only, try using a VCR. Box or direct cable to RF input of VCR - VCR RCA cables to dvdrecorder input - dvdrecorder output RCA cables to TV input.
If you still have problems try using the recorder’s front inputs rather than the rear ones. Be sure cable are good and conections ar tight.
If you can record audio to the VCR it should record to the dvdrecorder
Some cable boxes have volume and/or mute control check and see.

Hi there
and thanks Chaps!

Just rang the liteon tech help appaently I have to download a firmware file and then upload it to the machine - 197 file.
Its currently burning away onto the DVD hard-drive so hopefully this will resolve the sound issue I hope!

I may be back, if this doesnt work
:smiley: :confused:
Still confused about scart leads

I have NO cable, box, amplifiers sound cards et al etc
just an aerial on the roof which comes in threw the wall…

With what you have it would be best to try using a VCR.
Aerial to VCR RF input VCR RF out to TV, VCR RCA outputs to dvdrecorder inputs. DVD RF or RCA out to TV. Test audio on VCR (test record playback) Test audio on DVD (test record playback).

I could scream now!
Just read the liteon e.mail, now they want me to wrap it up in cotton wool bubble rap or something and return it in the orginal box (which is currently residing on the municipal tip).

I hate technology and heavy things!
now I will have to move all the VCR TV etc around the bedroom, and probably break the rest of my nails.

Also have to record Hours and Hours of stuff onto DVDs now and have never done that before…
in case they lose all my data during repairing the audio thing.
(all the original videos have gone for re-cycling)

I am going to try and hunt for a technical man on MSN in-between recordings…
wish I had never got the feckin thing now.

Going to stick to reading books in future I cant go wrong with a book.

I Understand your frustration.

Liteon’s stock-in-trade answer is return it!

The firmware upgrade would have had nothing to do with your problem.

At present I presume that you have the aerial feed coming from the wall and going into the right hand (as you look at it) aerial input and then another aerial lead going from the left hand one to the TV. You should also be connected by scart between the liteon and the TV.

Do you get sound on the TV when not recording? If not take the lead thats coming from the wall and plug it directly into the TV - this is a simple test to check the lead.

In the Setup menu check that you have the settings at PCM and TV Main.

[QUOTE=HelloShaun]I Understand your frustration.

Thanks Shaun

its all going back, as I have problems with it freezing up during recording sometimes too, so I am currently attempting to record the entire HDD to DVD
aLL my leads were in the right place!

Still no sound - so I am sending it back and they can sort it out, as I have had enough of it now.

Annoying when someone gets a duff one.

its all sorted and working now!

I guess you RMA’d it by your last post. If you did how long did it take to get it back after you sent it in?

If you didn’t RMA it, what was the fix?

RMA dont know what that means -?
I sent it 3 days later it was back and WORKING!
Alls fine now

RMA is the term used by Liteon for returning stuff to them. I’m glad it worked out for you and 3 days is quick. I’m glad to hear the good news!