Audio grabber / possible read error problems



while grabbing tracks fm a cd to hd, during
process there is a message reporting
an incredible amount of possible read error
400/500 !!!
more surprising is that at the end of the process the audio track has been correctly recordered and it sounds fine.
this is happening both reading with cd or with cd on my recorder.
cd philips 40x
yamaha 8x4x24 e
128 ram
cpu kII475

any idea ?



use adiocatalist [has also xing technology] and set the settings from atapi to buffered with dynamic synth [orwhatsoever]

it takes longer but better quality and NO errors



you can still have errors then but your comp has some probs then

with dynamic sync you see when you rip a bar with leds on both side and a msg below it saying something like:

Sync width = 0
or so
and somehwere else:

No sync errors

when the sync widht starts changing fast (from 0 to -25036 and +36614 or more) then you’ll get 1 sync error, 2 sync errors, …
so then it would be good to rip the track again, otherwize your cd is fucked up (too many scratches on it or so)


Thats what im saying yeah.

so why do you repeat me ?


I have found that AudioGrabber is usually more reliable than AudioCatalyst (although it should be essentially the same thing).
Another very good proggy is Easy CD-DA Extractor. At the moment I’m using the Shareware version 4.01 and it works really well !
(If anyone knows where to get the full 4.01 version, please post a reply…)



many tks to you all, something is more clear
now but not everything.
will further investigate.