Audio Glitches at End of mp3 Recording

I’m using Nero to rip and burn audio mp3s to CD, but often at the end of the track there is a glitch of a half second or so of ‘noise’ (ie. ‘half a word’ of distortion in the recording that is not present in the original source).

FYI - I’m ripping the tracks from an audio book on a CD to mp3 (typically 96 kbps) files and then burning the mp3s to a CD-RW to play in my car mp3 player.

I have also tried using Roxio (Easy Classic Creator 6) however the glitches are usually even more prevalent and pronounced.

In doing a bit of research on what causes this I’ve noticed some info that a few seconds of silence at the end of the source track may result in an audio glitch like I’m experiencing.

Presumably therefore this problem could be resolved by editing out the silence at the end of the mp3 file before burning but this seems like a lot of work - so I’m hoping there’s a better solution…

Has anybody also seen this ‘glitch’ problem? What’s causing it and is there a simple solution?

When trying to solve problems, you should never expect an “easy” solution…

You said better, but you meant easier.

Get audacity…

This program should be on every music lovers computer…

Take the recorded MP3 into MP3 DirectCut. You can lop off the bad part and split it into segments. I usually cut my books up into 6 minute pieces.

Appreciate the suggestions.

Have you also had problems with the glitches at the end of the tracks - just wondering if other people are having this problem or if it is unique to my system.

Also I’m curious to understand what is causing these glitches (eg. is it the few seconds of silence at the end of the track…?)

I know I can cut out this silence; I have had good success with “mp3trim” – but it seems to me this only be necessary if there is a basic limitation in Nero (or Roxio) to properly record these files that have some silence at the end of the track!

The audio book mp3s that I have been having problems with are already in ‘small segments’ - ie. typically 2 or 3 MB in size - so I’m not sure of any advantage of segmenting them even more.

Thanks for your help…