Audio from dvd only works through hi fi not tv any help much appreciated?

I converted one film *ocky perfect and sound frm speakers and tv Did another dvd and picture is fine but can only get sound through speakers and not tv. Tv has to be turned right up and u can barley hear anything what u can hear sounds destorted unless put through a hi fi then sound spot on. I have used winall to convert and nero to write would like to do a thew copys for family anything i can do to get the sound through the tv thanx Kd1

When you say you get no sound from TV, does it mean that you have your player connected to tv only or do you connect it to the hi-fi and to tv at the same time?
What kind of connections are you using for the purpose, both to tv and to hi-fi?
If you connect the player only to tv via s-video cable, do you get that kind of almost no sound?
And about scart plug (if you use it)?
If you use component connections do you plug all 3?
Are the connections ok? And does it work with other discs?

connection is through a scart and yes it works with other dvds and rocky but not one night at a museum which is dvd qual it only works through the speakers but if the speakers are not connected ie hi fi then no sound at all yet no problem through tv sound is there with all other dvds its not a problem for me just need to have this dvd working through tv so when I lend to other family members they can hear the sound as they do not have extra speakers.

maybe there’s dts sound…tv’s can’t play that…but your digital tuner(hi fi) can…:slight_smile:

Run the DVD through DVDShrink and look at the audio for some clues. You might also reauthor then ‘Set default streams’ to the audio you have, then save ‘uncompressed’.

If its AC3 then only passtrough or another suitable decoder can play the audio.