Audio forum and EAC

Thank you for adding the Audio forum.

In keeping with the software forums on CloneCD, Roxio, Nero, etc., I would like to suggest one more new software forum, for discussion of Exact Audio Copy. The will allow EAC specific discussions there, and general Audio discussion in the Audio forum. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you for your suggestion.

We’ll keep the audio forum for now, see how things work out.

When specific questions arise we can always add the suggested forum later.

Again, thanks for the suggestion, we will definately keep this in mind!

I think that the audience of an EAC forum would be to small… But I know my way in EAC so if you any questions, come on over to the audio forum! (And if you have really specific questions there is also an ‘official’ EAC forum, it can be accessed from the EAC website, the author answers questions too.)

I will apreciate a forum on the best (for me) audio prog - EAC