Audio files

Well. Seems a bit past history doesn’t it?
What should I inquire around to begin introducing myself to the file infrastructure and the entire system around file hiding in an audio cd?
For instance. Why is a typical, bought audio cd’s files only around 3kb?
What is it they’re doing?

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The audio tracks on audio CDs are represented as .cda files. It is not a real file. Instead, it is a track of uncompressed audio data at 44.1khz with stereo channels.

Convert a cda to wav and your file size will be about 20000kb to 40000kb

Convert a cda to mp3 and your file size will be about 3000kb to 6000kb but this is dependent on the kbps IE 128,160,192,320 etc.

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Thanks for the information platinumsword. I wasn’t aware that there was a way to rip audio tracks from a dvd, but obviously there is. I’ll have to try it out.