Audio files wv & tta

I got few audio files that i can’t play with anything known to me. Somehow its popular that every audio program or video program invents its own useless & annoying file type. So how do i play:

  • wv(wvc) files
  • tta files

You can find info about those extensions on the FILExt website:

wv -> "Sonarc Compressed WAV Audio"
wvc -> "WaveCraft Sound"
tta -> “TTA (True Audio) Free Lossless Audio Codec”

For sonarc, take a look here, for TTA here. ATM I have found nothing for WaveCraft, sorry.

Hope this helps,


Actually .wv is WavPack.

Oh yeah, you’re right… wv is also WavPack. :doh:

Btw, the wwc file is the correction file for the lossy ww image, so when decoding the wv image back to WAV, then make sure that the wvc file is in the same folder, as else it isn’t used, and the decoded WAV file will be lossy. WavPack is IMHO not a “useless format”, but one of the most flexible and featurefull lossless codecs(even more so than FLAC) and dates back to 1997(FLAC = 2000). I personally encode all my CDs to lossless WavPack images + MP3 track files for respectively DVD archiving and PC/portable playback, but i don’t use correction files, but just make normal lossless images i.e. one file only for each album, with an embedded cuesheet and logfile inside.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on here and for also going off-topic, but i would just add the bit about the importance of the correction files…

CU, Martin.

You could try using Foobar version0.8.3(light,normal,[B]special[/B]) or 0.9
I think both versions support playback of .wv(wavpack) files.
For playback of .tta files you’ll need the foobar_tta plugin.

Foobar versions:

foobar tta plugin:

download and install the foobar version of your choice
download the foobar tta plugin
put the foo_tta.dll into the directory foobar2000\components

now you’ll be able to playback your .tta files