Audio files not copying over



I am trying burn the movie ‘Hero.’ The movie and all menu selections copy over fine. I get audio for all of the previews and the Main Menu screen. However, when I play the movie I hear nothing.
I have the audio format in the movie set to Dolby 5.1 (not DTS.) I am using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and DVD Decryptor. When I insert the movie I cannot see the Audio files in Decryptor.
Are the audio files not being decrypted or am I doing something wrong?
I am new to burning. I have burned 2 movies before this and one turned out perfect using 1 Click DVD and DVD43. Roxio came with my burner so I want to learn to use it instead of paying for more software.
Please advise! Thanks


Could be that you’ve removed the Chinese AC 3/6 audio track. That’s the default audio for this movie.