Audio files copied from a DVD soundtrack


I have just learned tonight how to copy over audio tracks from a DVD so they can be burned onto a CD. I am a belly dancer and have some DVDs that teach choreographies to some older belly dance music that has never been released onto CDs.

I want to pull those chapters with the music score off and burn them to a CD. The problem is that there is still some talking in the beginning of the chapter before the music starts. Is there anyway I can edit that out and just start burning the track form where the music starts?

Also, the music happens to be on half on chapter 14 and then continues onto chapter 15 for the finish. When I burnt the test CD there is definitely a pause between the two tracks. I am assuming I can remedy this by choosing no pause between tracks in my Nero software. Is this correct?

I am very new at this so I really do not know what I am doing so I apologize if this sounds like a confusing post…I am very confused! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


I’m afraid I don’t use Nero - but the zero gap should work.
If you want to put the 2 separate tracks into one single track, there are many wave editing softwares that will do the trick.
A good free one is Audacity
This will allow you to cut and paste together tracks, as well as edit the files, normalize the volume, and apply effects if you want to.