Audio file info in Nero CoverDesiger

Ive got about 50cds that i really need to print the tracklist off, the discs all have text info of the tracks on them, i was wondering if anyone could help me find out if and how that would be possible. Also, Id like to find out if a can print out a tracklist from the cds Ill burn in the future, Ive got Nero 8 and Im using traditional audio burning, but I can’t find a way to take the tracklist info and put it in coverdesigner, i only know how to write all the info myself and that gets a bit boring.
Appreciate the help!

I don’t have Nero 8 but in all the previous versions if you open Cover Designer from one of the burning apps then use the ‘Track List’ tool it’s automatic. So you could open the disk(s) in the burning part then open Cover Designer and the info should import fine.