Audio File Formats for CD Players?

I am ripping the audiotrack from a personal digital video on DVD, with the intent
of burning these tracks (by chapter) to a CDROM playable on a Walkman CD player.

The DVD audio ripper will rip the DVD audiotrack in MP3 or .WAV format–but in
what format(s) should the audiotracks be burnt to the CDROM so it can be
played in a CD player?

Thanks for any feedback!

Tracks as they are burned to an Audio CD are .WAV format so best to rip as such and then no audio quality is lost.

A simple app for burning just Audio CDs would be Burrrn ( ).

Thanks, TimC!

I’ve got Nero Smart Start (bundled with my new DVD/CDRW drive), so
I’ll probably use that.

You might find Burrrn better & simpler to use. It also has the tendency to work when Nero fails.

I’ll give it a gander, thanks.

D.V, what program are you using to get the audio from the DVD?

I’ve been trying to do this with DVD decrypter but it runs into problems.

CDDA is RIFF-WAVE format, it comes with either motorola or intel headers.
Just save the source as 16-bit wave format, 44100Hz.