Audio file demuxing problems with DVD Lab



Hi there again,

I’ve managed to successfully create a DVD using a couple of SVCD files & they are fine, but I now have a new problem -

I’ve used VCDGear to rip the mpegs out of some new bin/cue files and then DVD Lab to demux the files into video & audio files but, at the end of the process, I only have the video file and I keep getting the message - “bad header or unknown error, this file doesn’t seem to be MPEG audio, check it’s not a wrongly named ac3…” for the audio stream - does anyone have the slightest idea what I’m doing wrong as it worked a treat with the first couple of SVCDs I used, but nothing since, despite trying several different bin/cue files ?

Am I in the realms of having to use TMPG to create the audio stream & then import that into DVD Lab & if so, which TMPG package do I need to get ?

cheers everyone
mike :confused: :confused: :confused: :o


I occasionaly get this error. I find that restarting the computer normally fixes the problem but on one or two occasions this hasn’t worked. So I now use TMPGenc to demux the mpg file into two files.
For some reason TMPGenc names the video file *.m1v I just rename the file to *.mpv otherwise DVDLab wont let you load the file. If you are unsure on anything just ask and I’ll be glad to help if I can.


fantastic JohnboyW thanks very much !! - out of interest, what TMPGenc package should I use, as there seems to be quite a few on their site to chose from ?



I’m using 2.521 download from here.


excellent - thanks JBW, I’ve now got it and it’s working a treat !! - I tried TMPGEnc before but couldn’t get to grips with it, but I was trying to use the whole package without really understanding what I was doing or why - it’s now a lot clearer to see what bit I actually need



Hi again JBW,

One small last question I’ve got is that, on the mediachance site, there are some very good tutorials which I’ve used, including one which tells you how to insert a short clip of the movie in the menu screens (<>). But, when I try and do this & can create the avi file, but when I try & multiplex them so that it works on the DVD, I get a error message which indicates that I can’t do it as I need an MPEG2 codec ? - I’ve downloaded the MPEG2 plug-in from Nero’s site, but is this what the system is telling me I need ?

Mike :confused: :confused:


Unsure on this as I’ve never tried doing a avi file I’ve just used stills.
If I get the chance I’ll have a go tonight or over the weekend and see if I can see where your going wrong. I don’t think the nero plug-in will work though I might be wrong on that so the only thing to do is try it.