Audio Extraction



I have this really cool video in wmv format of an F1 engine revving and I would like to know how to extract just the audio from it. I want to make it into a ring tone. Can this be done? Would like some input on some free software to do this and how do you do it?



There are several ways to do this.

You can seperate the complete audio track itself by using a software such as Super…save or convert it to MP3 and then cut out the section you want using mptrim

You can play the DVD and while it´s playing use an audio capturing software such as Audacity to record the section you want…then save as an MP3.

Or, the simplest option: This is so simple but normally works extremely well: Your phone has an inbuilt microphone and recording software…start the DVD and push record when your F1 engine starts. Just make sure there is no-one in the room and that you are recording from a good volume level (not too loud or with too much bass otherwise it will distort). This may need 2 or 3 tries to get it right but it will work and save you lots of time.



I use GoldWave audio editor for such jobs. Just import the video file, then export as any number of sound formats, which you can trim, tweak, and add effects, painlessly.