Audio extraction

Is there some way of taking just the audio off a dvd movie?

Yes. If it’s an older DVD you can use DVD Decrypter to extract just the audio. Newer DVDs are better protected so the way I’d do it is to rip the DVD (using an appropriate ripper like DVD Fab HD Decrypter) to my hard drive and use AVIDeMux to save just the audio. There are lots of other tools that will get it done, these are the tools I know. I’d bet our ‘Search’ would come up with lots of ways.

You may also like to try Super which can convert just about anything to anything.

Open the decrypted DVD with DVD Decrypter (newer DVDs-use DVDFab & save in file/folder format):

In DVD Decrypter:
Click on tools @ the top & choose settings.
Click on the “ifo mode” tab.
On the left, click on the “file splitting” drop-down & choose “by chapter” - most music DVDs > ea. chapter = a song. If you have 15 chapters, you’ll wind up with 15 vobs, ea. one being a song. Once converted .vobs to .wav format (I use SUPER like Deanimator suggests), you’ll wind up with 15 audio tracks already split for your convenience.)

If it’s a live DVD (no audio pauses between songs), set your Audio CD burning software to eliminate gaps between tracks.
This way, you can skip to any track as usual with a CD or you can let it play song to song & it will sound EXACTLY like the DVD…