Audio Extraction on EZCD Creator 3.5c




You can do that with audiocatalist!

find it here:

that simple.

a thnx will do…


Can any one tell me how 2 extract music tracks from an audio cd & store it on my HDD.

I was making a music compilation 4 one of my kids and i had to keep inserting the CD’s in one by one while it was recording. I was wondering if u could just store the tracks on your HDD and then record it onto a blank cd from the HDD.


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Yet again you’ve come up with the goods Ruff-Next_Gansta i really appriciate this.


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call me Ruff-Next or R-N otherwise you’ll have to type so much.

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get musicmatch jukebox and turn them into mp3’s, then you can convert them to wav’s and burn them onto cds. You need to register Musicmatch to get full quality, a serial is
B0221-43100-2A166-4F1300 ENJOY!



Thanx for the info wilma & mista_mp3 i’ll try both of these options.


Ch5 Micky


I think you should go for musicmatch, its more progr then audiocatalist, so also more complicated for beginners.

Spin docter, is not very usefull.


Thanx for the advise R-N i’lll take heed of ur wise words.


Ch5 Micky


musicmatch #"2@!
use feurio but don’t register with false serial
for making mp3’s use radium,fraunhofer or lame! with cdex, audiograbber or easy cd-da extractor:

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Thanx for the info ws123456 the sites u gave me was excellent, i shall try the two programs i downloaded over the week-end. I appreciate your response.


Ch5 Micky

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Believe me after encoding about 13000 songs from mp3 I’ve experienced that:
1)Xing doesn’t sound to good compared to lame or fraunhofer: It produces a lot of background noise.However xings is faast
2)Musicmatch is better than xing but is not comparable to better encoders like lame or fraunhofer.
3)If you really want best quality and speed isn’t so important: Use fraunhofer or lame@192
maybe there are some interesting things here.
the fraunhofer codec in musicmatch is NOT the same as in radium or producer pro. It’s a cheap, fast version of it. (Why else would they ask $300 for producer pro and nothing for musicmatch)

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ws123456 Do u know where i can get a cracked version of lame, this program sounds the buisiness and yes it’s quality i want i’m ot bothered about speed so much.


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look in your email


Thanx ws123456 i got the e-mail, i owe u one.


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