Audio extract prob with avi

Hi, I can normally extract the audio from avi’s without problems at all. I have one file that gives me error messages when I try to extract by decompressing the file or trying to rip using virtual dub. Anyone know of any tools that kan rip an audio track with an unknown compression tag?


Try NanDub. It supports (VBR)MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and AC3 as well as WAV & AVI audio file formats.

Get a copy of GSpot, load the AVI and it will tell you what codec the audio is compressed with.

If you load the AVI into VD, set Audio to Direct Stream Copy and then hit File/Save WAV, give the file name extension as to what Gspot found (ie. AC3, MPA, etc) and not the WAV it defaults to. This extracts the Audio in original format with no encoding to WAV.

If VD cant extract the audio out this way, then you have a problem with the AVI. Run DivFix to see if that can fix the AVI.

Thanks ChickenMan… it worked!!