Audio Error w/ DVD to Mobile

I’m in the US with the Metrodome Japanese Transformers DVD Box Set, Region 2, PAL. Since I can’t watch it on my DVD players, I’ve been ripping to PS3 format so I can stream it. I’ve successfully done this with the first 109 episodes, using the Japanese audio track and English subtitles.

Episode 110 won’t work. It immediately fails on error=4(505) 4. Limited info on Google sounded like an audio problem, so I tried ripping the English commentary track instead. It works fine with this track. Go back to the Japanese track, and it fails.

The audio plays fine in the preview window. The DVD plays fine on my PC. DVDFab will rip the episode to the hard drive. It just won’t rip it to PS3 (or any mobile) format, either straight from the DVD or from the hard drive. Started out with v6.0.1.0. Just did a clean uninstall and installed beta Same problem. This is on Vista x64 SP1.

I’m not sure what else to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

What type of audio stream is on the problem disc (AC-3, DTS etc.) and is it the same as the other discs where the conversions worked?

Both the Japanese audio track and the English dub/commentary show up in DVDFab as AC-3/2, but they’re really just stereo 2.0 tracks. This last episode is separate from the rest in the sense that it’s a standalone episode that was not part of the Headmasters/Masterforce/Victory series. But it’s included on the last disc of the Victory series… all the other Victory episodes did fine. It’s just this last episode on the disc.

I saw some mention on the web that it could be a disc authoring problem… but I don’t know if that would impact a single title or if it should have caused all titles on that disc to fail.

My brother has an Apex region-free NTSC/PAL DVD player. I don’t see him that often, but I’m thinking the next time we’re together we could use DVDFab to create a disc copy without protection, play the unprotected disc in the Apex, feeding the output to my Sony DVDirect, and see if that will essentially reauthor the disc into what DVDFab will see as a plain stereo track. I don’t know when that will be, though, and hopefully will be able to find a different way before then.

It does sound like an authoring glitch. Try ripping only that episode to a VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive and making the conversion from that. Use Customize mode and select the “Remove Menus” option on the second page.

Gave it a try… still having the same problem. Also tried DVD9 to DVD5 w/ menus removed.

Is there any other software, either freeware or free trial, that I could try to see if it will take care of this one episode?


I have check this problem, looks like this audio track is strange, so the sync logic cannot running it correctly, I just do some patch for this, which will be added into next version, please wait and try it.


Cool. Thanks!

[QUOTE=stevenmh1;2294505]Gave it a try… still having the same problem. Also tried DVD9 to DVD5 w/ menus removed.

Is there any other software, either freeware or free trial, that I could try to see if it will take care of this one episode?[/QUOTE]As you can see, this is all the software you need for these tasks. :slight_smile:


Please try, I do a patch for this problem, please check it.

any problem please tell me.


OK, just gave a try. This version allows the process to get started, but shortly after starting Pass 2, it fails with the error report screen. I tried both directly from the DVD as well as ripping that particular chapter to the hard drive with menus removed. I filled out the error report and sent the information over.

Although it didn’t work, I do appreciate how fast you issued a patch !


Looks this problem is not so simple like I guessed, could you provide a sample of this DVD, just one chapter with the problem audio track is ok.
if you can upload sample, I will give you the ftp address.


No problem… let me know the address and I’ll upload it tonight.


I’m uploading to my own FTP now. I just sent you an email with the site and login information.