Audio Error Problem



I’m trying to burn the acoustic cd from the greatest hits cd from The Cure. When I get to the 6th track I get an audio error on Nero. The only thing I’ve done differently is that I extracted the tracks using 48000 Hz. Could this be it?
Does anyone know where I can find files explaining audio terms not only for burning but also for bying hi-fi equipment (I’m thinking about buying a new one)? Thanks for the help.

standard cd audio require 44KHz sample rate
audio track at 48 is out of standard=your error

Thanks rafale31. The odd thing is that i managed to burn the 1st cd at 48KHz without any problem. I’ll try with 44KHz instead.

Maybe you can help me with another issue: usually my 1st burned cd of a music disc has some glitches between the songs. When i burn it the 2nd time i don’t have this problem anymore. Do you know what might be the problem?