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While .MP3 is really the standard at this moment, many other formats also want a piece of the big music pie at the moment. Formats like mp3PRO, OGG Vorbis, LAME or WMA are searching their way…

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But the only two “real” competitors are ogg vorbis and AAC. The others are in a different class altogether. Just an angry mini-rant: They used a pre-RC4 version instead of the 1.0 gold!

Ogg Vorbis rocks! I use it to encode all CDs now. Samller and better quality files :g.

I use Fraunhofer, and the songs in 64kb/s sound like the ones in 128kb/s made with any other encoder.

I’ve moved over to OGG when it reached RC3. Once version 1.0 was released a few days ago, I now encode my music and any CDs I get at 96kbps instead of 112kbps as there has been a noticeable improvement since the last release. In my opinion, LAME 160kbps is my preferred format for my CD MP3 player and 96kbps works best on the PC as it saves lots of HDD space as well as sounds almost identical to the original. An 80kbps OGG file (in my opinion) is roughly the same quality or a little better than a 128kbps LAME (-q2 option) encoded MP3.

My experience with OGGs audio is horrible - synchronizing subtitles with the movie with OGG audio is something shocking and almost impossible - many Subtitle editors are in a maze of movie with OGG audio and produce wrong timing…:r

@luki: Did you use vorbis in an AVI? That would be the cause of the synching problems. Ogg has the best synching of any format there is, there shouldn’t be any problems.

SirDavidGuy: Yes, it was an AVI, but not my production :7. So, all people make an AVI (DivX) please, DO NOT MAKE IT WITH OGG AUDIO, THANKS. LAME MP3 is the best at DivX AVI. :*

I always use Ogg Vorbis in DivX movies. And I have never had any problem with sysncing. So I will continue to use it. Especially because it supports multiple channels.

JLP, You’re lucky man (&/or casual user…:p). However, there are progs have some troubles with OGG in the world wide, but they never have any with “classical” mp3s. Besides, mp3 audio codec is commonly supported by almost all video players/editors itself, whereas OGG must be installed additionally - AND THAT WILL DO FOR ME NOT TO USE OGG :r. BYE :7

add.: and e.g. - the mp3 codec is included in DivX installation, so can be used by many players/editors etc.

I need my files to be compatible with the rest of the world. I don’t use ogg. It’s lame at vbr high. It’s the world standard for high quality compressed music.