Audio editing

hi all

I was wondering if any one knows of an audio editing program that will allow me to split a song apart into its individual tracks so that I can remove different parts of a song or add parts to a song ?

a couple of examples:

say I have a song and I want to extract only the vocals from that song so that I can turn it in to an instrumental

or say I have a song that has a lot of background noise say something I’ve recorded of the radio for instance and I want to split the song apart so that I can extract the track/s that contain the unwanted background noise

how would I do this ?

If the object you are trying is to isolate is individual insruments/vocals, then you need a multitrack recording where the individual components are recorded. If you are trying to use tracks from a radio/cd there is no software available at the moment.

That’s absolutly spot on, weedougie. Attempts have been made to eliminate vocals, say, by “tuning” in to the frequencies of the vocal part and then reversing the phase of those frequencies either on one of the stereo tracks or a a copy of the track[s] but the obvious problem is that ALL sound at those frequencies is wiped out. Then you’d have to build other tracks to ape the affected areas and…This can work on some types of tracks, say, dance tracks where there are lots of cymbal and effects at high frequencies and kick drum and synth bass at the other end, but you won’t get any kind of fidelity. That’s about it, I’m afraid. regards. P.S

Re: if the format of your song you want to work on it fit in multitrack…
pro tool, cool edit pro, cubase,…

Is that a question, Pedro ?
All the above applies. If it is a multitrack mix that’ll fit pro tool etc. you’ve answered your own question. Load it in and wipe out the vocal track[s]. regs. P.S

Using a music editing software you can split the song into individual tracks,remove or add parts of song of your can delete the unwanted background noise.But for, extracting the whole vocals from the song. I think you can’t achieve 100% results. Go try with FlexiMusic Wave Editorand enjoy using it.

There are a few pieces of software made for removing vocals from tracks, but they all work by removing whatever is panned dead centre, so if your vocals are slightly to the left or right, it wont work, and you will probably also lose the kick drum and bass as these are usually panned centre. Try them though and see how you go.
YoGen Vocal Remover:
RipEditBurn Vocal Reducer:
you could also try and use filters/EQ but that usually involves taking quite a wide band of frequencies out, and there is usually some things going on that you want to keep, which around the same frequency of vocals. To get rid of the background noise you can again try to use an EQ of Filter, the frequencies of the noise will determine how sucessful you are though.
Of course, this is assuming you DONT have access to the original multitrack recordings :wink:

I recommend you Adobe Audition 2.0. Good software and it does the job for me. It could also be good for what you need.