Audio editing from video clip



I have a video file in which two persons are talking. But to suppress the conversation an musical audio file has been added later on. I want to remove this musical audio to hear the actual conversation how can i do this. Please help me.



You probably can’t if the audio has been mixed together. Look at it this way, it’s easy to add some red dye to a glass of water, but very difficult to seperate the liquids later.


If you can get EXACTLY the same music clip, and EXACTLY match it to the mixed audio, then make it a noise print and subtract it…then you might have a shot at understanding the conversation.

On the other hand, if you are working for the FBI and are trying to crack the audio from the porn clip I made with Cindy when she accidentally blurted out where the money from the bank job I did in Vegas is hidden, then you can go bite your bottom!