Audio Echo on Burned DVD's



ok… so this is my problem. my DVD burner is HL-DL-ST DVDRRW GSA-H21L
i don’t even know what brand it it. that’s all it tells me when i look it up in the device manager. OK so i’ve burnt a good 50+ dvds with this drive, and now all of a sudden when i burn a movie the audio on that movie is very echo’D and crappy sounding. its almost like its a vcd with even worse echo. IT NEVER DID THIS BEFOR!!! so i don’t understand why it’s doing it now. i didnt change the drivers… i have k lite codec pack installed and always have… so im just really confuzed as to why this is happening. if anyone can please help i would greatly appriciate your time and effort!

here’s my system specs if it may help
Compaq Presario
Intel Pentium 4 - 3.06 GHz
960mb ram
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition


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How did you create the movie? Did you install something recently? Can you try the same “echoing” discs on a different computer and see if the problem is still present?

What discs are you using? What burning speed?


hey geno thanks for the responce. i’ve installed thing recently but nothing that should be interferring with dvd burning. I’m using Sony DVDR 4.7 gb discs, and burning them with Sonic Record Now and burning them at 16x. i’ve used these same discs for a while and didn’t have any problems with them befor… as well as Sonic. It’s just recently that this has happened. Is there a way i can find out if something i installed recently is causing this?


Are these straight rips from dvds, or are you converting or compressing them?

If you are processing them in some way before burning, what programs are you using?

By the way, you have an LG brand burner.


well they are avi or mgp… and im using sonic record now witch came with the pc… it converts them to dvd so they play in all players…


Maybe there is an easier solution: buying a standalone able to read also avi files.

In these days there are many models enough cheap that can read xvid and divx files easily :slight_smile:

Maybe a standalone provided with an USB port is even better, because you can play your movies directly from ah HDD instead to burn them on a disc :iagree:


Since you are converting them, I suggest a test. Try a different conversion program and see if this improves the output. AVStoDVD, DVDFlick and FAVC will all convert to dvd ready to burn, and all are free to download and use.


[QUOTE=cinsere;2177189]well they are avi or mgp… and im using sonic record now witch came with the pc… it converts them to dvd so they play in all players…[/QUOTE]

Then create proper backups from the ORIGINALS, so you wouldnt need to transcode them again and again!


thanks everyone! i used DVDFlick and it works great! problem solved