Audio dvds & programs to make them?

Looking for suggestions on which Audio Dvd program to use? Is there a program
that accepts EAC cue sheets? I prefer quality over speed and I also would like to know if there are any newsgroups or forums on this topic.
Thanks in advance, Budzos

You cannot create Audio-DVD’s.

It is barely even possible to get a true rip. Completely impossible to burn your own; it’s a closed format.

i disagree , you can create audio dvds with audio dvd creator or apollo audio dvd creator


you are probably referring to DVD-Audio, which is completely different from an Audio DVD (which is essentially a DVD-Video with high resolution audio tracks, where the “video” part is reduced to the minimum, like a simple tracklist screen).

However, it is possible to create DVD-Audio, using (professional and expensive) products like e.g. Sonic DVD-Audio Creator:

Sonic DVD-Audio Creator is the world’s first, and only, full-specification DVD-Audio authoring workstation. Built on core technology from Matsushita (MEI) , the benchmark standard for DVD compatibility and a long-time technology partner of Sonic, DVD-Audio Creator gives you fast and efficient access to every aspect of the DVD-Audio specification, allowing the speedy creation of pure DVD-Audio, complex DVD-Audio and hybrid DVD-Audio/DVD-Video titles.

Regards, :slight_smile:


Well whaddya know, things change.

I considermyself corrected.

But, will Sonic allow burning to DVD-R?

Good question. :slight_smile:

Of course I don’t have the program, but reading the specifications I found here:

Output Options

[li] DVD-R for QC
[/li]> [li] DLT for replication
[/li]> [li] Local hard disk
[/li]> [/ul]

Is it what you were asking for?


So which program is better, Audio Dvd Creator, Or Apollo Audio Dvd Creator. I was thinking of purchasing one of them and was wondering if anybody has used both of them
and can give me a thumbs up on the better one,
Thanks, Budzos

Hi Phil_, :slight_smile: which one would you recommend?

youll probably laugh, i dont have a dvd burner :o so cant say , anyway both have trial versions try em and decide whats best for you also look at the manuals/helpfiles and compare features

Thanks Phil_ :slight_smile: (no DVD burner? :eek: LOL you must be the only member of this forum without one ;))

I’ve just tried DVD audio creator and it works pretty well, very user-friendly and gets the job done nicely (I choosed Nero as the burning interface, haven’t tried other options).

Cheers :slight_smile:

UPDATE - the program doesn’t have a normalizing feature, which I find annoying. I’ll check Apollo and report.

EDIT - Apollo doesn’t have any normalizing feature either :frowning:

What are they thinking…?

Mailed both companies to suggest a RMS normalizing feature, telling them this would make their apps much more attractive.

Has anyone heard of a similar software WITH a RMS normalize feature?

unfortunatly there arent that many softwares for making audio dvds , anyway you can use the batch processing in goldwave with the match effect to normalize multiple files

I think I am going to try Audio Dvd Creator, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks, I can do that with a SoundForge batch too :). I actually have many tools to normalize here. The problem is that it then takes more steps and of course takes longer… which is discouraging, considering the time it already takes to rip all the WAV files from your audio CDs to make a DVD compilation… so I definitly think these programs should include a normalizer so to be really attractive.

Audio DVD creator is way cool, the normalizing thing would be a plus but I can do that
in another program if I have too. I love being able to fit 8 cd’s worth of music on 1 dvd
and being able to import the cover art for a background on the menu display is kind of neat as well.

If you have Sonic My DVD, Roxio easy media creator, or most any other video creation program you can easily make audio DVDs (not audio dvd but comparable quality). As an example, using sonic my dvd just start a video project, click on add slide show, import a slide (can be a title) for each separate piece of music you want to add, then under options click on “fit musci to slide”. and burn. If you want to listen to the whole dvd, just put in the dvd and hit the enter button (got to have your amp on). If you want to pick individual music (slides) juist turn on the tv and select what you want from the thumbnails. Simple !!

Yes, Audio DVD is esentially a DVD-VIDEO format, same structure, all is placed in the VIDEO_TS while the DVD-Audio format is completly different, it uses AOB files inside the AUDIO_TS directory - You will need special software to read these type of discs on your PC, as to stand alone DVD players, most don’t support DVD-Audio - Very few models I have seen do read them, but it’s rare.

The Audio DVD you mean is called DVD-AUDIO.

Audio DVD is just a way to compress audio to mpeg1 layer 2 to make it usable into any dvd player by cheating the dvd video parts and filling up the space with audio files… mp2.