Audio DVD Creator?

What has happened / Is happening with the Goland software product “Audio DVD Creator” advertised on ’ s home page.

The software has not been updated in ages (although a new version was rumoured at one time), and the Forum page has been unreachable for months.

Since the product is linked to from fengtao’s homepage and is either endorsed by them or owned by them, perhaps someone from there would like to comment?


I have it too, but never used it and did not know there was a forum for it. It is also listed on the VSO site,



A comment please… I can see you’re around…


OK, I take it from your silence, and the fact I got no response from the “Tech Support” online page, that this program is DEAD and BURIED.

Perhaps you would do the decent thing and take down the website and stop promoting it on so that no other SUCKERS pay to register this program.

I almost believe that you and me are the only ones who have this program. I bought it as part of a package. I was hoping that a section would be started on the old dvdidle forum but it was brought down by a hacker. I asked here but no users came foward. I don’t think it will need updating as often as movie DVD programs.