Audio DVD Creator updated [Bug fixes]

Sorry guy’s, I know this is a little late, but I just discovered that Fengato updated ‘Audio DVD Creator’; it only fixes some bugs, and updates a few languages, but since the bug fixes were important for me. I decided to inform you anyway.

Change log:
1.88 (12/04/2004)
· Fixed: Preview freezing problem.
· Fixed: Crashing when there are certain special characters in customized DVD volume name.
· Update: Japanese, Italian and Poland language.

well, it’s mainly bug fixes and updates. (01/05/2005)
Change log:
Fixed: Freeze when jump to next title menu in some DVD players.
Fixed: Not showing menus in some DVD players.
Fixed: Burning problem using Nero.
Update: New menu structure of Audio DVD. The new structure should be able to provide better compatibility on different DVD players.
Update: DirectSound or WaveOut method for Preview output.
Update: The maximum play time of a DVD title is extended to 12 hours 60 minutes!
Update: VSO burning engine.
Update: Import non-standard m3u playlist created by Apollo mp3 player.