Audio DVD Creation

Hi PPL :slight_smile:

I am very new to the whole arena of DVD Authoring and would like some help on Audio DVD Authoring.

I have a total of 37 albums ripped ready into folders in MP3 format and want to put them onto 1 DVD to play in a standalone player. I would like to use the album covers on a menu etc.

I have tried doing this with DVD2one Audio Remaster and then use TMPGEnc DVD Auth progs. But not a lot of luck. The DVD2one takes nearly 23 hours to encode then it makes a complete track of one album and not single tracks!

Can anyone suggest a programme that will encode the albums into tracks as well? Or an all in one prog that will do everything?

Any help will be much appreciated. :slight_smile: :confused:

Try looking at Audio DVD Creator. Not sure it supports mp3 files though. Might have to convert to .wav

Hi clsgman - thanks for the reply. I have in fact used this software; But it doesn’t allow editing of menu screen and plays each album in line and not from a menu.

Audio DVD Creator does in fact give you a menu allowing selection of individual albums.
If you cannot see the menu that is a shortcoming of your DVD player.

You could try DVD Architect