Audio Dropouts on dvds burnt on NEC3500

Lately I have noticed that some audio dropouts are occurring on dvds I have been burning. Is this a media problem, a hardware problem, software or what? It apparently is just audio I am losing. It seems to happen on louder sections of a film, and no, I don’t believe it to be my receiver. Anybody have a similar experience that they can point me in the right direction in solving?

Probably media and burn speed. Stick to 4X. What media are you using?

mostly verbatims, and reiteks which have been giving me some awesome scans. most of my burns lately have been @ 6X, tho

I’m running firmware 2.18 with riplock disabled. My 8X Taiyo Yuden (Fuji +R) didn’t give any problem at 12X. That said, I set CloneDVD to burn at 4X. Don’t mind waiting another 7 min for a larger margin of safety. I believe the shelf-time will also be longer at the 4X speed.